RHC GLOBAL INVESTMENTS was founded in 2012 as a prop-trading company focused on commodities and emerging markets investments. During the years, we develop and improve our core competence in event-driven trading and long-term investments in EM stocks. In accordance with our conservative policy, we adhere to organic growth tactic to stay privately owned investment company, which does not attract funds or cooperate with any external investors.

Nowadays RHC GLOBAL INVESTMENTS funds their trading operations and investments from accrued capital and profit earned, to achieve goals and purposes, enacted by Investment policy.

By the end of 2013, RHC GLOBAL INVESTMENTS has developed the infrastructure for 24-hours trading and expanded operations at currencies derivatives at ICE and CME exchanges.

By June 2014, we had started non-stop 24-hours operations at commodities market, focused on Oil & Gas derivatives trading at ICE exchanges.

By March 2016, we made first investments in Chinese stock market through Northbound of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect.

We permanently develop our infrastructure for success investments and hard work on our personnel competences.