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We believe that only professionals can succeed in financial market speculations, especially at even-driven trading. That’s why we have gathered talented traders from all over the world and organized them in four highly specialized teams.

Each of the above-mentioned groups consists of 5-8 experienced traders that have dedicated their professional life to trading an appropriate market. Thus, despite of the relatively small percentage of assets allocated for speculations, the risk is thoroughly diversified between the different trading groups and traders. Every trader is controlled by the head of a trading group, his deputy, risk-manager and managing directors. There are automatic risk-management systems too. Strict trading rules are applied as inside every single group, so as in our fund in a whole. This system helps us to minimize market and human risks and maximize the profit our traders generate. Our traders work 24 hours a day 6 days a week to cover all core international markets and to use every opportunity markets provide.